Riley St. Andish

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Driven by her imagination, St. Andish's latest novel, Pledger, arose from genealogy research reading about Liz Taylor's diamond, and Middle Eastern mysticism. St. Andish is obsessed with history and a sucker for romance as evidenced in her first two books.

St. Andish, enjoys playing piano, practicing yoga, exercise, reading and writing.

Bicentennial Publishing
Irony & Influence was published on the 200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice
publication date.

Riley St. Andish was born in southern Indiana along the banks of the Ohio River. She began writing poetry and horse stories on a toy typewriter at age 10. She is inspired by quieter times of pen-to-paper communication and a society dependent upon horses for transportation.

St. Andish met her husband in a public library. After living on the Delmarva Peninsula, and then in Central America, they now reside in southern California. They have one child, a beautiful daughter.

Watch for cameo appearances! 
A few historical figures, some musical rock stars of the time, and other belonging to an exclusive click of beloved literary characters make their appearances to add richness to the read!

Inspiration Behind Pledger
The Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor diamond was one of the inspirations
behind Pledger.